Point cloud production - Orthophoto - Extraction of surfaces, lines, volumes - Plans, sections, levels - 3D modeling (mesh, texture) - 3D model (LOD 100/200/300/400) - 2D vector plans - 3D viewer

  • A cloud of dots

    An exact digital survey of the site and its environment without any interpretation and millimeter precision.
    Accuracy from 3 to 12mm at 10 meters + HDR photo taking
    Acquisition time: 30s to 3min

  • Online 3D viewer

    Your 3D statement available from a simple online browser


  • Orthophotos

    Modèle 3D intelligent


  • 2D vector plans

    2D vector plans to measure, analyze and locate


  • Digital model

    LOD model from 100 to 500
    Without MEP and having a generic library


  • Virtual reality

    Visit, analyze, measure your point readings via a virtual reality headset for total immersion


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