Evidences 3D and Futurmap combine their skills to offer you quality 3D surveys and models.

FUTURMAP is the French leader, specialized in the processing of geographic data. Founded in 2013 in Madagascar by an Alsatian engineer, the company FUTURMAP is now present in France, Switzerland and has customers all over Europe and Canada.

Bbio concept et Evidences 3D

Evidences 3D and the architecture firm Bbio-concept, team up to support you throughout your project and preserve your budget.

A complete and quality service, for your construction, extension, extension or even elevation projects.

Bbio concept is therefore based on the 3D field survey, provided by Evidences 3D, resulting from the acquisition by FARO laser scanner of high precision dimensional measurement for the realization of your projects:

-Building permit,
- Certificates RT2012 (Deposit of Building Permits and Completion of works),

- Plans / Level plans,
-Mesh, ortho-photos, Virtual visit,
-Digital model, support to BIM,

- Real estate diagnostics,
- Energetic audience,
- Follow-up of works,
- Support in the selection of companies,
- Purchase or sale assistance for real estate,
- Assistance in choosing the land before construction.

Bbio Concept goes even further to democratize the support of your projects by an architect, by applying rates of 0.5% to 3% for the building permit file.

Quotes are obviously free, don't hesitate to contact us now.

Bbio Concept is there to support you throughout your project and preserve your budget.
An architect is 20 to 30% cheaper than a builder.
Why ? it's simple, where the architect applies these fees which are 4 to 15% (depending on the project), the builder applies a margin of 30 to 40% on the amount excluding tax of the construction

x3d-group et Evidences 3D

From 3D scanning to 3D printing!

Evidences 3D and x3D Group, combine their skills to offer their customers a complete service, from 3D scanning to 3D printing!

The primary interest of 3D scanning is that it allows, among other things, to save significant time. In this sense, the scan avoids the phase of creating a file from A to Z under Computer Aided Design software. It is then possible to scan a part directly and thus to match as much as possible the shape of the object to be printed.

x3d-group et Evidences 3D

La phase de numérisation 3D

La phase de modélisation 3D

La phase d'impression 3D

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