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Smile, it's scanned !

3D survey by laser scanner of the existing site and its environment

Fast and precise, 30% to 40% cheaper than a conventional reading with more than 2 million points acquired per second

An exact digital survey of the site without any interpretation and millimeter precision

Visit the scanned project in a simple browser via your private area

Accuracy from 3 to 12mm at 10 meters + HDR photo taking - Acquisition time: 30s to 3min

2D vector plan - 3D point cloud - Digital model - BIM - 3D visit - Virtual reality

And usable immediately !


Leica BLK 360 & Istar 360
Dedicated to indoor reading



Leica RTC 360
Dedicated outside and at large volume

Dedicated to inaccessible place

How does it work?

Our know-how provides assistance in decision-making, from the definition of specifications to the delivery of deliverables.

Visualization - Acquisition

With a range of 130 m in diameter, millimeter precision and 1 million points per second, the structure is digitized with its environment.

The purpose of the scan determines the quality and accuracy of the scanner.

The acquisition time varies between 1 minute and 30 seconds and 2 hours.

Assembling the acquired point cloud

For each scan, the sensors can be activated:





HD photo


The assembly brings together all the scans performed to form a file called "Point cloud".

Deliverable - Exploitation / Export

Once the "point cloud" has been assembled, it is possible to extract different deliverables, such as:


Point cloud file in "dxf", "xyb", "e57", "rcp", "wrl", "xyb", "pts", "iges", "pod" and "fls" format

Ortho-photos: Sections, Facades, Levels in "TIFF", "JPEG", "dxf" or "PDF" formats

Format sections: "dxf" or "TIFF"

Internet access via platform

3D viewer

Digitization can be viewed via 2 supports

  1. WEBSHARE application on USB key

  2. Via our internet platform WEBSHARECLOUD which is a secure cloud solution for storing and sharing digital data on the Internet.


Digital data, such as 3D documentation, often needs to be available to multiple project partners.

Virtual tours, taking pictures, taking measurements, annotations, comments and many other possibilities accessible 24/7 on any type of support (as well as mobiles and tablets)


BIM model

Possibility of creating a "BIM" digital model with the level of detail "LOD100"

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