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Emergency 3D digital safeguard of heritage

Capture, acquisition, 3D survey and modeling of reality
3D measurement record provider in France specializing in heritage


Evidences 3D Patrimoine

Finally an all-in-one solution to digitally preserve and safeguard heritage !

Who are we ?

Evidences 3D Patrimoine is the branch specializing in preservation, safeguarding and digital visitation of the heritage of the company Evidences 3D created in 2015.

Evidences 3D Patrimoine was developed on a simple observation.

The latest generation tools and non-invasive digital technologies are still too little used to support actors linked to heritage preservation.

Many owners, associations of enthusiasts find themselves deprived of these tasks which are the preservation, enhancement, restoration, safeguarding, accessibility of heritage, the search for funding or specialized craftsmen.

today, any intervention is expensive, even very expensive depending on the extent of the damage.

Evidences 3D Patrimoine can respond to this challenge.

Our mission

Create a digital twin, of the site and its environment, but not only!

Why and how to safeguard heritage?
The digital twin, stored on a secure server, makes it possible to save the historical trace of the site or building using two technologies: drone survey (Photogrammetry) and 3D laser scanner survey (Lasergrammetry).

Make it accessible
Make accessible to all, inaccessible for some.

Once digitized, the site or building becomes accessible from a simple web browser anywhere in the world.

To share it
The data acquired can then be shared in 1 click on social networks, groups and communities related to heritage issues.

Finance it
Via a subscription on our internet platform from € 1 / month depending on the subscription chosen, of which 75% will be donated to finance works, studies and ancillary costs to restoration, renovation or reconstruction.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Visit it and promote it
Via our platform dedicated to heritage, on a secure server with nominative access, subscribers can virtually visit the site or building in 3D, take pictures by screenshots, have textual, photographic, virtual animation, film and information. even VR + AR visits

Depending on their subscription, they may be kept informed of work carried out, new scan or drone campaigns that complement the site visit and other major events.

For professionals, study it
With the new scanning technologies by lasergrammetry and photogrammetry, it is possible for us to extract all the documents necessary for the work, findings, diagnostics and other necessary structural studies.

Depending on the subscription, the extracted documents will be high definition orthophotography in JPEG, point cloud in RCP or e57 format, vectorial in DWG format or other format used in your activity.

Access to our WEB 3D viewer allows them to view the point cloud live without having to move around the site. To extract a lot of information: sections, plans, facades in format, taking dimensions to prepare their estimate, the work, their schedule.

We are also able to superimpose a digital model to present, compare or complete the site or building.

Finally, preserve it
The digital twin incorporates changes due to the related time and aging dimensions.
To achieve this, we intervene several times on the site or the building to capture a second time a multitude of data.
The latter are then superimposed on the data acquired previously, and it thus becomes possible to highlight them via an evolving time-lapse.

Heritage VR platform

Professional platform

All in one solution

To safeguard and preserve the heritage, analyzed and studied, establish a report of the current state, prepare restorations, obtain cash to restore and preserve the heritage.

3D survey provider on site

Processing of acquired data

Analysis and studies
Drawing and modeling

Transfer of usable deliverables
Support in use

Storage on a secure server
Available 24 hours a day from a browser or for download

Self-financed, therefore accessible to all!

  • 1

    After analysis of the project by our teams, we plan together the digital backup campaign for the site or building.

  • 2

    We carry out the complete survey * of the site for free.

    By using two 3D survey technologies that are photogrammetry and lasergrammetry.

  • 3

    The virtual visit is posted on your website and our platform dedicated to Heritage.

  • 4

    Thus financing the work accomplished and making it possible to finance the support and the IT structure necessary for the proper launch.

* Depending on accessibility and visible parts

Online quote

Evidences 3D aims to participate in the preservation of heritage, by carrying out high-precision three-dimensional surveys, we digitally safeguard these buildings of our history by creating a platform allowing to choose the virtual visit of their choice, to make accessible to all, the inaccessible.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

This new technology has many applications, including augmented reality which allows the superimposition of virtual elements on reality, which is increasingly popular with the general public.

Adapted to the cultural heritage and museum sector, it opens up new perspectives for the presentation of sites and works.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

It is thus possible to present missing elements, to provide additional information, to reconstitute historical scenes or sets, in a spectacular, fun and educational way.

Ancient Gallo-Roman Theater of Lyon

We have therefore digitized the exterior of Chateau de Veauce as part of a mission to safeguard and restore the heritage.


The goal is to make a digital backup of this exceptional place, with over 4 million points of millimeter accuracy, readings in one day, discover our gross work without computer post processing phase.

The 3D digitization that we carried out allows us to better understand the interventions, to take measurements from the point cloud acquired, to make an observation and to highlight the heritage thanks to the virtual visit in total immersion by 3D Laser scanner.

In the desire to allow everyone to discover and visit this magnificent place in the History of France, Evidences 3D is proud to have been able to participate, at its height, in the safeguarding mission of Chateau de Veauce.


They trust us !

"Super site ... and advanced technology tested in Alsace: fast, efficient ..."
D.VALETTE, Architect DPLG.


"3D survey of an old house of 100m² to obtain the plans necessary for the total renovation.
Evidences 3D carried out the 3D survey and the delivery of deliverables in 2 hours!
Incredible technology! "

M.Salagnac, Architect DPLG


"We called on Evidences 3D to carry out a control of the works implemented with the EXE plans. In 2 hours, Evidences 3D gave us a report allowing us to rectify our implementation process, conclusion, we saved time and avoid worries with the finishing works. "

FL Works manager EIFFAGE Rhône-Alpes


"Speed, quality and time savings are the key words for the participation of Evidences 3D in our BIM approach to a housing operation in Clamarts. The intervention of Evidences 3D, enabled us to check upstream the volume of cuttings / backfill and thus reduce our costs "

TC Price studies officer EIFFAGE Residential Construction

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