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    Welcome to the digital age of construction !

    Visit, study, analyze, measure, document, share and take the BIM train.

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    Smile, it's scanned! And immediately usable.

    3D survey of the existing site and its environment.
    Fast and accurate, 40% less expensive than a traditional statement.

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    Our know-how at the service of your expertise

    Point cloud and 360 ° photos, 3D viewer, 2D vector plan, orthophoto, digital model, 3D model.

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    History and Heritage

    Digital backup, report, prepare your restorations, virtual tour, 3D

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    Town halls and communities

    We carry out the survey of your buildings and we provide you with fully usable deliverables.

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    ArchiCAD native model specialist
    Revit native model specialist

    BIM - Modeling, coordination, sharing ...

Study and modeling of large and very large surfaces in France

3D survey provider on site

Processing of acquired data

Analysis and studies
Drawing and modeling

Transfer of usable deliverables
Support in use

Storage of your data on a secure server
Available 24 hours a day from a browser or for download

Our fields of expertise of the 3D statement applied to your activity


Maquette numérique


DOE - Dossier des ouvrages 


Permis de construire

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3d survey of the existing

Data acquisition

Drafting specifications

On-site 3D scanning

Made by a building specialist

On-site assembly

Point cloud production

3D modeling

On-site control and deliverables

2D plan, 3D wiever, orthophotos, digital model, BIM

CAD / CAD software compatible

3D viewer, point cloud, DWG plans and digital model

    Virtual tour from 360 photos in an online browser

  • A cloud of dots
    Composed of millions of points acquired during the 3D survey

  • Point cloud and DWG plane
    Overlay of the point cloud and the DWG planes created

  • Digital model
    Performed at the desired level of detail (LOD 100-200-300-400-500)

  • Control
    Overlay of the digital model, DWG plans and point cloud

Relevé 3D Lyon
Relevé 3D Paris
Relevé 3D France

From the point cloud to the digital model

  • Visite de chantier

    Evidences 3D vous propose depuis sa création en 2016, un accès sur les sites qui ont été relevé par nos équipes via un viewer WEB 24h/24 et 7jrs/7.

    Evidences 3D

  • Coupe dynamique - silo à béton

    Relevé d'un silo à béton de 50m de haut et 20m de circonférence.

    Le but étant de vérifier l'aplomb et les déformations suivant le remplissage du silo.

    Evidences 3D

  • Constat à distance en télétravail...

    Evidences 3D à était missionné par le cabinet d'architecture Bbio-Concept pour effectuer un contrôle de son chantier arrêté depuis le 17 mars dernier.

    Evidences 3D

  • Evidences 3D Urgence Patrimoine

    Les données acquises représentent plus de 200G et 3 milliards de points d’une précision millimétrique en HD.

    Evidences 3D

  • Scan to BIM

    Evidences 3D réalise ses maquettes numérique BIM depuis son relevé de points avec la suite VirtuSurv et REVIT

    Evidences 3D

From the point cloud to the digital model

Your work sites at the office

Virtual visit, augmented reality


They trust us !

"Super site ... and advanced technology tested in Alsace: fast, efficient ..."
D.VALETTE, Architect DPLG.


"3D survey of an old house of 100m² to obtain the plans necessary for the total renovation.
Evidences 3D carried out the 3D survey and the delivery of deliverables in 2 hours!
Incredible technology! "

M.Salagnac, Architect DPLG


"We called on Evidences 3D to carry out a control of the works implemented with the EXE plans. In 2 hours, Evidences 3D gave us a report allowing us to rectify our implementation process, conclusion, we saved time and avoid worries with the finishing works. "

FL Works manager EIFFAGE Rhône-Alpes


"Speed, quality and time savings are the key words for the participation of Evidences 3D in our BIM approach to a housing operation in Clamarts. The intervention of Evidences 3D, enabled us to check upstream the volume of cuttings / backfill and thus reduce our costs "

TC Price studies officer EIFFAGE Residential Construction

Eiffage et Evidences 3D
Hexagon et Evidences 3D
Hexabim et Evidences 3D

Need more information on the 3D scan by laser scanner ?

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